Trend in 2012

Based on website that Trend 2012 is dominated by social media and digital things. The prediction of this website approximately became reality. In 2012, online shop became bigger and successfully sophisticated the consumers. As we can see that consumers in 2012 are dependence on internet that we can access it through smartphone which is we can browse things wherever we are. This dependency caused the number of smartphone sales is highly increasing, hence, the prediction of this website which is

Chinese companies become a force in global markets

became reality. The number of smartphone in this world are dominated by China companies. China utilize the android for their smartphone. Moreover, this website predict that companies nowadays use social media for hiring as well. They use LinkedIn to search for labor that compatible with their companies. We can just put our profile on social media and HR professional will see to recruit their candidates. In 2012, consumers become more selective and easily can get products that they want. On the other words, company must become rapidly more growing to comply with today. The small companies also will easily gain because they can sell their product through online. Besides, the franchise will also growing stronger because it has very low overhead costs and low start-up costs. Small enterprise can build their business by just make customized enterprise application stores by using play store in android and application store in Apple. As this website has written, Smartphones and tablets have little value without applications and the increased use of these devices creates demand for more applications that IT groups need to manage. An application store makes that process easier. Afterwards, the companies will also compete about selling their product. Hence, there is more ad measurement.

In brief, the predictions on website approximately become reality because this is an era that people is dependence with internet which offer interesting social media even we can look for job and do the social thing that we can access easily through smartphone.


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