As I explained before on my post, we can search a lot of ways to be more creative. This website lead you to learn everything about creativity. It provides the creative ideas and the inspiration of how to be a creative person.  On this website it explains that creativity make our innate ability to solve problems, dream up new inventions, have big and small ideas, and change our world. Yet, despite its impact on the world, creativity is still a very ambiguous and often confusing topic for many of us. Even psychologists and scientists can’t fully explain the process of creativity, or where and how thoughts or new ideas are formed. As a result, this blog has become the source for creative inspiration and ideas and continues to explore creativity, how it works, and why it matters to this day.


For the instance, this blog explains how to find where really the creativity that we can find. This blog put the upside down of women’s picture, it lead us how to solve the problem by seeing the creativity in this picture. For creative problems (or your search for creative ideas), regarding to this blog, If you’re an artist you’ve likely seen art most of your life (or at least most of your career). If you’re a musician you’ve heard music and notes all your life. For designers there’s design literally all around us. For writers there’s so many books that it’s impossible to put a number to just how many are out there.

So when we, as creatives, encounter a new problem or want to tackle a new task, it’s difficult to break away from what we’ve seen all of our lives. We can’t shake the image of a normal face, even if we turn it upside down.


Creative Generalist


According to website, we can see the society of creative people in there. Creative people put their thought and their advice about what should we do to be more creative. Moreover, we can see the article that written by the creative society about the way of thinking to be more productive, how the strategy will implement to our life. Creative in here leads us how to make the creativity into business. In this website, it indicates the mindset of businessman. It gives the method creativity and innovation and push us to create the vision of our life. We can write a comment about the article that written by the society of creativity.The society of creative also interview famous creative people and put the tips and trick how to be successful in creative way. We can also be part of society of creativity by sign up on this website and write the articles, put creativity pictures, and share our ideas. It’s really fascinating for us to enhance our creativity. 🙂

Trend in 2012

Based on website that Trend 2012 is dominated by social media and digital things. The prediction of this website approximately became reality. In 2012, online shop became bigger and successfully sophisticated the consumers. As we can see that consumers in 2012 are dependence on internet that we can access it through smartphone which is we can browse things wherever we are. This dependency caused the number of smartphone sales is highly increasing, hence, the prediction of this website which is

Chinese companies become a force in global markets

became reality. The number of smartphone in this world are dominated by China companies. China utilize the android for their smartphone. Moreover, this website predict that companies nowadays use social media for hiring as well. They use LinkedIn to search for labor that compatible with their companies. We can just put our profile on social media and HR professional will see to recruit their candidates. In 2012, consumers become more selective and easily can get products that they want. On the other words, company must become rapidly more growing to comply with today. The small companies also will easily gain because they can sell their product through online. Besides, the franchise will also growing stronger because it has very low overhead costs and low start-up costs. Small enterprise can build their business by just make customized enterprise application stores by using play store in android and application store in Apple. As this website has written, Smartphones and tablets have little value without applications and the increased use of these devices creates demand for more applications that IT groups need to manage. An application store makes that process easier. Afterwards, the companies will also compete about selling their product. Hence, there is more ad measurement.

In brief, the predictions on website approximately become reality because this is an era that people is dependence with internet which offer interesting social media even we can look for job and do the social thing that we can access easily through smartphone.


People nowadays is more highly creative and always creating new innovation. People look for a lot of inspirations from anywhere, which are website, tv, etc. We can check out from this blog: offers a lot of inspirations from the latest trends and innovations. This blog deliver different preview that we could choose accordance with what we want. writes the review about the latest technology or innovations. Other blog just attached the picture without any explanation on the blog. The drawbacks of this blog are this blog is not as update as its competitor of innovation blog. We can see for the instance,, is more update than Yet giving always the latest trend, as we know that the marketeers never sleep. People always update what is new and always starving of inspirations. Great idea is priceless and people compete to be more and more creative. Thus, could be one of solution of looking for inspiration 🙂